Probate Law

When somebody you love dies, fulfilling the role of an executor or personal representative can seem overwhelming. Many people have told us that with so many complex laws and forms, they weren’t sure where to start. We tell them that the best place to start is with a consultation with a probate attorney.

Probate & Estate Administration Services

At The Law Office of L. Taylor McPherson, in Fort Worth, Texas, we offer an organized and structured approach to resolving an estate, from the opening of the estate to the final beneficiary distribution. Whether your loved one has left behind a will or died without one, our office will work to ensure the estate and its assets are handled properly according to Texas law. You gain the peace of mind that comes with putting the estate in the hands of an experienced professional.

We can help with a wide range of estate planning matters, including:

  • Identifying beneficiaries or heirs
  • Determining what assets and property make up the estate
  • Determining the type of probate process that best suits your circumstances
  • Answering questions about estate administration

Settling an Estate With or Without a Will in Texas

When we meet with you, our first question will usually be whether the deceased person had a last will and testament at the time of death. If so, we can begin the process of reviewing the contents of the will, ensuring that all the legal requirements were met, and then helping you “open the estate” with the Probate Court.

If your loved one died without a will, the will can’t be found, or it’s invalid under Texas law, the estate will be distributed according to the Texas laws of intestacy. These laws say how assets should be distributed among surviving relatives. We can explain the law and help you understand exactly what to expect.

Procedures for Large and Small Estates in Texas

The size of the person’s estate affects several things, including the legal process that needs to be followed. Larger, more complex estates will generally involve more legwork. Work might include getting independent appraisals of real estate and personal property or getting valuations of business assets. Larger estates also come with an increased risk that beneficiaries might fight over them. Beneficiaries might object to recent changes made to the estate plan (if there are any) or to the validity of disinheritance.

A small estate, on the other hand, requires less time and effort. In some cases, families can actually arrange for the distribution of assets outside of the probate court process. To do this, they file a Small Estate Affidavit. For estates valued at $50,000 or less, our office can help prepare the paperwork necessary to forgo the lengthy probate process if the decedent died without a will.

Our Fort Worth law office can also help representatives of estates in preparing a Muniment of Title.  A Muniment of Title is a concept unique to Texas. It applies to estates made solely of real estate, allowing them to avoid a full probate administration. This is available only when the person who passed away left a will.

Probate Representation in the Greater Ft. Worth Area and Tarrant County

Probate matters can seem complicated and overwhelming. Getting a lawyer’s help can make things seem clearer and give you peace of mind that everything is done correctly. To get probate help, call the Law Office of L. Taylor McPherson right away. Schedule a consultation by calling 817-668-0506 or contact us online.

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