Adoption Attorney

Private Adoptions – Private adoptions are person to person (birth parent to adoptive parent), with no intermediary responsible for overseeing the placement or taking custody of the child. Private cases require the parties to implement the many steps needed to complete an adoption, such as determination of the course that will achieve the clients’ goals; preparing, negotiating and explaining adoption documents; advocating clients’ wishes to third parties such as hospital and prenatal providers; securing medical assistance and public benefits; and pursuing approval of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) offices in the sending and receiving states. I am skilled at representing prospective adoptive parents and birth parents in private adoption cases.

Same-Sex Adoptions – Same-sex families may face unique challenges to securing equal and full parental rights to their adoptive children due to the patchwork of disparate state laws. We can work together to ensure that your children have all of the rights available in any two-parent family to which they are entitled.

Stepparent and Second Parent Adoptions – Many families find themselves raising, loving and parenting children who are biologically and legally related to partners from prior relationships. Parents in this role may desire that their legal status match the value of their actual critical role in a child’s life. Establishing stepparent parental rights can be important for a child’s legal security, emotional well-being, financial future, and to equalize status among siblings raised in the same home. I welcome a chance to discuss whether your facts may lend themselves to establishing parental relationships with children in your care.

Contested Adoptions – In rare cases, a party may object to termination of rights or adoption by third parties. While state law has made great strides in defining clear deadlines and requirements for parties in interest, litigation may occur and cause stress and uncertainty to your family’s future. In these situations, you will need to work with an experienced attorney to provide you with trusted legal representation.