Collaborative Law

The collaborative law approach allows couples to end marriages with civility and respect, making decisions together to help create the best post-divorce life possible for all family members. If you agree with the following statements, collaborative law provides you with a better, smarter alternative to a traditional courtroom divorce:

  • You have control of your own divorce process and outcome.
  • You seek a civil, respectful, creative and individual process for ending your marriage.
  • You recognize the importance of future relationships – even after divorce.
  • You believe it is important to protect children from the harm litigation can inflict.
  • You place a high value on personal responsibility for handling conflict with integrity.

How is collaborative law different?

If you and your spouse choose the collaborative law approach, you are choosing to utilize a very specific method.  This requires that both parties retain attorneys trained in collaborative law, that both parties and their attorneys sign an agreement that is filed into the case notifying the court that judicial intervention is not necessary, and then the parties and their attorneys utilize financial health and/or mental health professionals to solve problems and reach agreements.  This is all accomplished through a series of meetings.  The disclaimer is that any party can terminate the Collaborative Agreement at any time.  If this happens, both attorneys MUST withdraw and new attorneys will have to be hired.